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Cute Crafts I wish I had Made

I love crafts, I love thinking I could be crafty but my reality is that gene was taken up entirely by my sister Carol. She can craft anything, draw, make gorgeous cards, knit, crochet, paint, can, cook, sing, you name it she can do it. Me on the other hand cannot even draw a relatively decent stick figure.

My coworker is amazing at knitting. She made both of these adorable hedgehogs for me. The little guy is the hiphop hedgehog , the bigger blue one is his gorgeous plus sized international model named Bleu. They sit at work and we all have fun playing with them….we are 10.



She also made these udderly adorable cow socks!!!



I was bored, looking on craigslist at things in the free section and ran across an add from a local gal giving away window paintings FREE window paintings! I picked them up, there were 8 of them and all of them awesome. My daughter and I love bees, when I walked up to them this is the first one I saw!!!!


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