Theresa Tries to find a Talent

I have watched my sister and friends for years make amazing knitted and crotchet items. EVERYONE was doing it why wasn’t I? I kept thinking I would give it a whirl and then never did.

Then I got the call that my precious dad had terminal cancer and had about 4 months to live. He told me he wasn’t going to do treatment as they told him he was not going to survive this. At some point he changed his mind and decided to do chemo and radiation. This picture was taken a couple of weeks before his diagnosis. The sweet lil girl with him is June, she adopted him as her Grampa Dick. HE loved that girl and she loved him right back!


He ended up in a wheelchair and I thought I am going to learn to crochet and make him a wheelchair lap blanket! I bought some awesome yarn and started my project. I kept at it not really knowing what I was doing, about 3 months later I had about a 4 foot by 2 foot crocheted something or another. He was getting sick and I kept thinking I have to get this done!! I ran out of the one color so purchased another color and started at it again. Another few months and I had another swath of something or another. He had already shocked the doctors and outlived their diagnosis! But I kept thinking seriously get the darn thing made already. It kind of became a joke this silly little attempt at a blanket. About 2 months before he passed I decided I had to just give the darn thing to him. My daughter, mom, dad , nephew and I all met for lunch one day, it was a hard ride for dad. We met half way but for him it was a 3 hour drive. It would be one of the last times I saw my daddy that he would know me or be semi aware of what was going on.

dad mom525109_151282295019223_2019669939_n

About a month later mom called and said we should probably make the trip again and see him, it had gone to his brain, and spine….I decided to take that stupid attempt of a blanket and give it to him, his feet were cold and he was so excited he thought I had made him a foot warmer =) Bless his precious heart…..

We went home 3 weeks later to say our goodbyes and let him know it was ok for him to go…. It is a long drive for us, 6 plus hours and when I got there he was a shell of the man I saw just 3 weeks ago….. writhing in pain, and not aware of anything but he had that stupid crocheted attempt of a quilt wrapped around his shoulders. We spent the day and night with him, told him we loved him and it was ok to go. The day after we got home he passed, mom buried him with that silly thing. That was my first, only, and last attempt at crocheting.  I am now attempting cards but that is a story for another day!


I miss you, you handsome man you….

2 thoughts on “Theresa Tries to find a Talent”

  1. You are such a sweet woman! Love this. (You do have a talent…making people laugh! I totally miss working with you and pray that when I finally have my own place that I get wonderful people like you to work with.)


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