There are very few things in life I truly hate but cancer is one of them. I want to kick its ugly, nasty, body destroying ass. My sweet daddy was taken by cancer, I watched him go from this strong man to a little skiff of himself writhing in pain. I received notice that our friend is on the last leg of her journey with cancer. I despise it. My heart aches for what her family is going through and the journey ahead of them. I suppose there really is no purpose of this post other than I am angry, I am mad that cancer exists, that it takes amazing people and leaves behind a trail of heartache. That said I know people who HAVE kicked cancers ass and I am so thankful for that.

My mom ran across this email that was sent to her after dad passed. HE loved his lil Jun and she in turn loved him…..

Dear Virginia,
Please let me begin by apologizing that my letter is so late.  You and Grandpa Dick have been on our hearts, and minds and in our conversations so often, it is hard to imagine that Grandpa Dick has gone to heaven.
I wanted to share a few conversations we’ve had with Jun about Grandpa Dick.
One night she was praying for Grandpa Dick, and I reminded her that Grandpa Dick was in heaven with Jesus.  And she burst out, and JESUS IS ALIVE!  Yep!  And Grandpa Dick is alive in heaven with Jesus!
Another night she prayed for Grandpa Dick again and we said that he was in heaven.  And she wanted to know why he had to go to heaven.  We talked about God deciding to make Grandpa Dick well in heaven, and not on earth.  Jun said, “But I want to SEE Grandpa Dick!  He’s so nice!”
So, as I explain to Jun about death and everlasting life and Jesus’s love and healing we talk often about Grandpa Dick – as if he were still alive.  And he is, in our hearts.
We are praying for you and your family.  That you will get the rest you need and help and fellowship to fill your heart.
We love you!
Kim, Jun, and Ryu
Thank you sweet lil Jun for reminding me that my dad IS alive and he is pain free and cancer free in Heaven and one day I will get to see, hug, and kiss my dad once again. Cancer CANNOT take that from me.

2 thoughts on “I HATE CANCER”

  1. I enjoyed reading that e-mail. Made me smile. Children never seize to amaze me with their knowledge. Sometimes they do not get enough credit. I love that picture.


  2. I agree with you Kayla. I remember at his funeral one of the lil boys that also thought of him as Grandpa Dick saw them putting his casket in the car getting ready to transport to the cemetery and he asked his dad “Where is grandpa Dick?” his dad said “Grandpa went to Heaven and his body is in there, we are taking him to his final resting place” the little boy touched the casket and blew it a kiss and said ” bye bye Grandpa Dick, love you have fun” ….. out of the mouth of babes =) That is one of may favorite pictures of him


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