Awww to be a kid again

I got this message from my sister tonight about the toys we had as children and how different it was. I have very few memories of my childhood, not sure why I just don’t, but this brought back some of the best ones….

“I have been sitting here thinking about the toys we had growing up. All I can remember is what you had! I do remember I had a faux Barbie Doll on steroids, some wooden furniture and a wooden apple like the Russian dolls that are smaller and smaller. Then there were your toys, Mrs. Beasley, an easy bake oven, the Fischer Price wind up clock and cash register, your Barbies stand out. I think I was too old by the time I started storing those memories to really get toys. I remember the games Aggravation and Chinese Checkers! I know I had a bouncing horse, but by the time we moved to Case’s Trailer court I got a bike that summer so that was pretty much what I did. Funny isn’t it.

Back then a bike was THE toy. We didn’t really need much more. I’m guessing you got those because I was older and could go out and play by myself and you were too young to play outside by yourself so you had to have something to occupy yourself with! By the time we moved to Mc Gowan I was about 10 and too old for dolls and the such. I know I spent a lot of my time reading. Didn’t you get one of those things were you made rubber worms or something? Maybe that was me. I don’t see you as the rubber worm type. You did love your Mrs. Beasley. What ever happened to her?”

I remember wanting that Mrs. Beasley doll so bad, that was ALL I wanted….I ended up getting one from mom & dad, and Uncle Bill & Aunt Eldamarie got me one as well! I am not sure why but I cried what will I do with TWO Mrs. Beasley’s it was silly lol. WOW she is kinda creepy

https://i2.wp.com/webdebris.com/70s/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/barbie_country_camper_1976.jpgI remember the Barbie dolls, I loved them! I am not sure but think our grandpa or some relative made the most amazing kitchen table and chairs and a rocker out of wood for them. Dad brought home a little shed from his job, it was supposed to be a storage shed but it was my Barbie Metropolis! I had my Barbie condo, and beach house, and the table and chairs not to mention my Barbie holiday on wheels, corvette and boat! I would play for hours and hours in that shed. Ultimately I would end up trying to style their hair (you cannot cut and style their hair), paint their eyelids with nail polish, and poke needles in their ears for earrings. Then would hide them for fear I would get in trouble for ruining them.

My easy bake over was the bomb! It was the best one for blocks I am sure! I cannot find an original picture but it stood about 3 feet tall with fake burners and knobs, and the little door on the front just like a real stove! It had 2 light bulbs and I baked and baked in that thing! I loved it. And Shrinky Dinks I loved mine and yes I had the worm/spider one I thought it was awesome!

Played forever with this, in fact I found one when the boys were born.

Vintage 1974 Fisher Price Cash Register #926 with Original Coins Worksawww my cash register!

I am sure Carol had a clever name for this beast!

1968 Schwinn Stingray Fair Lady Pink Original Vintage Bicycle Banana Seat Oh YEAH I remember this bad boy!

Who remembers these roller skates haha!!

who can forget clackers seriously who ever thought this was a good idea for kids!

We would play Aggravation, chinese checkers, cards, yahtzee and collect four on our camping trips. It was the highlight of the day….

I think we would both agree though our favorite “toys” were books. I loved books, I had them under my blankets, under my bed, on top of the bed, on the floor EVERYWHERE!

Thanks Carol for the memories!

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