Never a Dull Moment at Cambell Park!

So my neighbor Stewey was evicted for lack of housekeeping. He was this old curmudgeon who NEVER clean and smoked non-stop with no ventilation. Yesterday early they gutted the kitchen because it was so horrid smelling they had no choice. About mid afternoon I could hear this long high pitched beep and it was non-stop hours of it. I had gone over to see Mary to see if it was perhaps her house and it wasnt. I went back outside with Tank and we realized it was coming from the huge pile of torn up cabinets sitting outside his door. We dug and dug and couldnt find the son of a bitch, it was louder but still nowhere to be found. FInally we could hear it in a garbage bag. Opened the bag and there is paint and all sorts of nasty going on, pulled the alarm out and it wouldn’t open the button wouldnt work it was terrible. Tank ultimately threw it on the ground smashing it open and there is no battery and the damn thing is STILL going off. We finally had to tear some wires out of it to get it to stop lol. It was all very Friends Phoebe and the smoke alarm episode like!
Friends – Phoebe’s Fire Alarm


Phoebes fire alarm goes off and she cant get it to stop beeping,

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