Dial $65K Gold Giveaway (and my almost as exciting free coupon giveaway)!

Did you know that Dial has been around for 65 years!! That is a lot of years of amazing products and to commemorate this amazing feat Dial will be giving away $65,000 in GOLD to one winner! But WAIT there’s more! Everyday from 6-16 to 8-19 they will be giving away a one year supply of Dial Body Wash to 65 lucky winners DAILY!!! You can enter once a day at Facebook.com/Dial to increase your chances of winning.


I will be giving away coupons for a FREE bottle of their amazing Dial Body Wash, trust me this stuff is divine! Please check out their facebook page as well as there their website at

http://www.dialsoap.com/. Leave me a note letting me know you did so and I will enter you for the drawing of one of the coupons!!! Don’t you want to smell as awesome as I do!


3 thoughts on “Dial $65K Gold Giveaway (and my almost as exciting free coupon giveaway)!”

  1. I visited Dials website and facebook page. I also entered the giveaway while I was there! I have to agree, free coupons are just as exciting. I love free products!! If I won $65k I’d pay off student loans and go on a heck of a vacation!


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