What a Blessing!

I got the sweetest email from my mom today. She has been trying to find someone, ANYONE that will help her (and be reliable) do some yard work and she pays well to boot!  Of course in the city this would never happen!

A sweet little girl walked by last week, on her way home from the swimming pool. I was out pruning some twigs off my crabapple tree. She stopped and we said “Hi” to each other; then she asked me if I had any summer jobs that I needed done.

Well, she was pretty little but I said I had weeds to pull, if she could do that. She said she did and I asked her where she lives. Turns out she is my friend Joanna’s neighbor and she has worked for her. We exchanged phone numbers and set Monday as when to come work.

She came yesterday and started right in and was doing a good job of it. Pretty soon another little girl, a little taller than this one, came by and asked if she could speak to A. Then they came back (this is all in the front yard) and A introduced us and said M liked to pull weeds too and would it be alright if she helped. I said sure and I had me two willing and capable weed pullers.

They are 10 years old and will be in the 5th grade this fall. They are good little workers and stuck to the business of weed pulling and no goofing off. They are good conversationists and I enjoyed visiting with them yesterday afternoon while they were waiting for the mom to come pick them up.

We discussed books that we liked and why we liked to read and that reading was hard for one of them. I assured her it would get easier as she grew older and reads more. We all like Dr. Sues!  What fun.

So that is why I titled this subject, “What a Blessing!”  These girls are great. They have already proved themselves to be dependable and responsible workers. That is quite an accomplishment for ten year olds!

I am blessed to have two new friends and people I can count on!

Happy days to you!!!


2 thoughts on “What a Blessing!”

  1. Mom is always looking for good weeders that are ready and willing and she pays very well. Plus you learn a good skill for the day you have a flower bed of your own!


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