**Win A Fitness Tracker and One Year Supply of Purex Crystals**

ImageI decided 2014 was going to be my year!!! My year to shine, lose weight, be happy, exercise, you name it I am going to do it! I LOVE that Purex is encouraging its followers to stay fit & fresh this year. Enter to WIN a Basis Fitness Tracker & a year’s supply of Purex Crystals! Purex Crystals do not interfere with moisture wicking fabrics, they work great for all your sportswear! Let Purex help you stick to your resolution this year, enter below for your chance to WIN!


I do not have the Basis Fitness Tracker but have been using a Fitbit and I will tell you the first month and a half of using it I lost 30 pounds! The Basis Fitness Tracker looks amazing, I love that you have it all right there on your wrist. Being able to easily look at how many steps you have walked, or miles you have gone is so empowering AND if you are using those awesome smelling Purex Crystals you not only will look fabulous but SMELL fabulous! I hope everyone clicks on my link and enters for a chance at this awesome prize. Please feel free to share. Here is to an amazing and healthy 2014!!!

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