Journey to happiness

Oops I Made a Mistake!

So it seems I made a mistake in my weight number I listed when I first started this, and I promised myself total honesty. SO turns out I was dreaming when I heard my weight at the meeting. Today I asked for last weeks number and it was 268.6. However today my weight was 267.6 so I lost a pound even though I kinda “gained” from what I originally thought. It is all good, this week I did not do well, I did not even come close to my allotted points plus. And I know the reality is I would have had a bigger number if I had eaten more. I still struggle with that concept but I do know it is true soooo this week I will try to meat my number every day. I will continue to keep myself honest on here and I look forward to learning more about myself and all the wonderful people I have met so far.

Thanks to a special friend who has been giving me behind the scenes support. She has shared with me her struggles, her wins and just some amazing advice. I am thankful she is in my circle.


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