This is such a worthy cause, please consider donating, even if only $5. Please take a moment to read and go check out his page. Ricardo is beyond awesome in his love for all animals.

Tierra de Animales friends and supporters please read:
We have a situation that we need YOUR help with. Part of the land that Tierra de Animales occupies, is owned by someone else and they were given the “ok” to use this land a number of years ago. Now – the land is up for sale and they need YOUR HELP TO PURCHASE this land so the animals who are already living on it – can stay. They cannot afford to lose this portion of land, they have already cleared and built shelters on for their animals, In order to keep the animals safe from harm and the elements.

 Tierra de Animales has a large number of animals that live out their lives safe and happy on this property. (just outside Cancun, Mx. near Leona Vicario).
They currently have:
(280) Dogs
(20) Turtles
(30) Cats
(6) Ducks
(7) Pigs
(2) Bulls
(20) Hens
(1) Sheep
and (1) Calf

TDA gets NO government help and is run solely on donations from animal lovers from all over Canada, the US and Mexico.

TDA adopts out as many animals as they can but the ones that do not get adopted, get to live out their lives “cage free”, with food, vet care, shelter, clean water, and above all else, love!
Caring for this many animals takes a lot of time, money and the property. That is why they are desperately asking for your help. Without the property, where will the animals live?

The owner of the land is now asking for $200,000.00 pesos or roughly $15,300.00 USD. We have to raise this money, as soon as possible. Will you help us? NO amount is to small, It ALL adds up.

Thanks on behalf of all the animals

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