I LOVE the Coast!

I absolutely love the ocean, the smell, the sound, the waves and shells, EVERY.SINGLE.THING. about it I love. As sad as I was to have my daughter move away, she moved to the coast! I decided to take some much needed time from work and toodle on down to California for a visit. Mind you Crescent City is not my dream of the ideal place to live nor is it hers but you can go to the beach and never see another soul……….. how amazing is that!

It has been 27 years since I had seen a redwood tree. I grew up in logging country and I can remember the trucks coming down main street with 2 logs they were that big, as the years went on they became smaller and smaller and then stopped for the most part. But those trees pale in comparison to the redwoods. If you have never seen them it is a must on your bucket list. It was all I could do to drive safely I was so amazed by their beauty and size. I love trees, I love the forest, I love the way they shade and sometimes you get a glimmer of the sun. I miss that part of where I grew up. 10405362_10204858335962553_6377695448085941430_n10599400_10204858336242560_3440721481821288086_n 10678579_10204858337322587_6831896001202409168_n

The only way yesterday could have been better is if Levi had been with us. After my divorce I bought my first new car, it was a tiny tracer but let me tell you that car went places no car should go! Everyday after work I would race home, grab the kids and dog and we would head up to the mountains and just drive for hours. We would do that on weekends as well. I am so lucky my kids actually liked spending time with me. We would pack lunch and snacks, grab the dog and head out for the day never knowing where we might end up. We took that car on some of the worse dirt roads but we always came out ok! One time we took random back roads and ended up in John Day which is 75 miles if you used the highway.

Those were some of the best memories of my life. I wish Levi had been with us to see the beauty of those trees. The smell was so awesome, it was silent (do you know how long it has been since I actually heard silence since moving to the city!!). We met some wonderful people as we wandered, they took our pictures, we took theirs it was so SO much what I needed. I have become so jaded and angry and non-trusting of people. Since my last divorce I have shut myself off from people for the most part, I work, I go home, I lock my door and then go to bed only to start that routine the next day.. It was great seeing people and talking to them. Jim, Kayla and I went to dinner and ran into her boss, her husband and they invited us to sit with them, they had another couple coming as well. We sat like real live grown ups and talked and laughed and joked it was AWESOME!!!

After a quick trip to the farmers market veggiesWe loaded up Maddie and headed out to the beach. The weather was perfect and there was no wind!!! This is the first sight we got of the amazing oceancoast.maddie water 10665741_10204858324642270_6628351973991941432_n Their beaches are stunning however I was quickly reminded how out of shape I am in haha!

My buddy from work told me I had to take daily selfies so I could share, anyone who knows me knows I HATE my picture taken but I took the challenge and I am going to share on my blog. I have to learn to love me, fat, thin, ugly, pretty, whatever tag I give myself I have to learn to love me and accept me. I am a work in progress. Most of the pictures Kayla took of me are great….if I wasn’t fat, if my arms weren’t floppy, if my chin wasn’t double…I think you get how my mind works. As hard as it is I am going to let her post them to facebook, I am going to post them on here. I think that is part of my healing and moving on, I have to embrace me for who or what I am. I am my own biggest enemy, I put myself down jokingly but it is entirely serious on my part.

duck lips feet kayla me

Kayla took me up to an area called Stout Road, it is this dirt, winding, narrow mostly one way road with turn outs. Normally it is lush and green, they have not had rain for almost 6 months. It is such an odd visual to see all these plants and trees and they are covered with white dust. Along the way we took this awesome picture of her, is she adorable or WHAT!!! kayla tree. As we drove along we stopped to take a picture of Kayla at this stump, all the sudden I hear someone yelling at me to “what your back, watch your back” I am thinking what the heck is this guys issue, there is room to get by me… boy was I wrong!!! I turn and this older guy in a big ol truck TOWING an Airstream trailer is trying to pass by me. Mind you there are ample warnings before even starting down this road to NOT pull a trailer. There are turns in this road where you literally can put your arm out the window and touch the sides. He told a guy by us that had asked him what the heck he was doing, that his GPS told him to go this way. As we continued on our drive we were just amazed how that man got through. I went from thinking you idiot to really feeling bad for him, you just know his wife was giving him hell for that ride!! Ok disclaimer here DO NOT ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GPS!!! If you can clearly see signs that warn you or just visually see that you should not go there then DO NOT GO THERE.

I will leave you with one last photo, Maddie my grandoggy is so adorable, she was digging like a fool to get to a crab and BANG into the log!!! I cannot wait to see what the new brings me here with my daughter and Jim.


5 thoughts on “I LOVE the Coast!”

  1. I am so proud of you mom. You are doing a great job. I was so excited to post those pictures. To take them! We don’t have a lot of pictures together, so we are gonna start working on it whether you like it or not.


  2. These pictures, your story and your attitutude are so AWESOME!! You bring back some good memories for me as well going out on dirt roads to “see where they go” every weekend in a vehicle that was never meant to do that. And true that…do not trust your GPS … a huge log truck had to be towed out backwards as they ended up in the hills instead of at Toledo. Thanks for sharing sis~


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