It has been rainy and gloomy the last couple of weeks. Yesterday it finally stopped raining and I decided to go for a walk outside for the first time since Luna died. I walked up to the Starbucks, it was so nice and peaceful. I came home and sat on my deck just enjoying and reflecting. I had been cleaning all day and ran across a sweater and stuffed toy of Luna’s so was feeling kinda sad. Before too long I was smiling remembering how goofy she was, and thinking about all the things I plan to do this year. Looking at my awesome log planter Kayla made me and smiling at the memories of my amazing kids.

_starb  _sat

Today after work I decided to walk to the bank from my place, it was another nice day so totally going to take advantage of it! After the bank decided I would just meander around the area before heading back. I love the view of the mountain when I get home, it glows. I wish my camera could really capture how absolutely beautiful it is.

_mountai One of the best things to happen today was this amazing heart sorry you puppy passed away sympathy card from my coworker. Her sweet lil punkin Gracen painted it for me! As sad as yesterday was packing all of Luna’s stuff, this sweet card made my day. Thank you Mani for being the amazing awesome person you are!

_heart _heart2

I decided after dinner to go for another walk, I love that even in the dark I feel safe walking around here. It is well lit, it is full of people and I am really enjoying my time alone just thinking.. We are doing a program at work called Live Healthy America, 10 weeks of eating and exercising. I have done it for the past however many years we have had it but never fully committed to it. SO I am putting out here that I am dedicated to making this be the healthiest, happiest and most active 10 weeks EVER!!!! I find I do better if I publicly put it out there, it keeps me honest and accountable. It officially starts on January 26th but I am unofficially starting today. My current weight is 270 (gasp) and putting that weight for all to see is painful but it is me, it is who I am right now and I am determined to change that. I am kind of excited as I have to have blood work done and will ask my Dr.. to redo again after the 10 weeks. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me!!


  1. Super proud of you Mama! I’m glad to be a part of your life during this journey! If you need me, you know where to find me! It was so helpful for me last year to have you all as my healthy living support group, let’s do it again…


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