Another start to a beautiful day at my desk. I sometimes cannot believe how blessed I am to get to see this 5 days a week and work with the awesome people I work with to boot. 13 years later I still find myself in awe of this wonderful

beautiful city. Many of my friends do not understand how I can live here, but it truly is a wonderful city!_23.. _23.

Monday is the official start to 10 weeks of Live Healthy America through my work. We are so awesome we had to create 3 groups to hold us all!! I am determined to give it my all and to be honest about my short comings. That said I have been struggling with mad desire over coffee lovers ice cream from Cold Stone. coffeloversonlyI DON’T EVEN PARTICULARLY LIKE ICE CREAM what the heck. BUT this need for some has haunted me for a week. I have held off but last night decided I can get it, it is the one thing I will not over eat (unless it was Safeway brand rocky road and then all bets are off) so it is all good. So last night I decided I could only get it if I got dressed, walked down 5 flights of stairs and walked there. I could not drive…. then I decided bed sounded better. However I gave in to my desire tonite. BUT I walked down the stairs, I went the long way around, then up the incliniest part and went home the even longer way. The beauty of this ice cream is once it hardens it is nearly impossible for me to scoop with my lame hands, so BONUS!!! I usually get tired and/or frustrated after a partial scoop and call it good.

I have to say over all this week I did pretty good with my eating. I am reading about the importance of fiber and all the different veggies and fruits that are full of it. I am determined to dust of the BlenTec get me some fibery foods and start upping my fiber intake.

There is guy I follow on Facebook, his dream as a young boy was to rescue street dogs in Mexico. He now has this amazing rescue called Tierra De Animales  https://www.facebook.com/tierradeanimales or http://www.tierradeanimales.org/ (if you ever want to donate to an amazing cause this is one) and he rescues any animal that needs it. He introduced us to Floyd the pig  _floyd. _floyd _ricardofloyd, and Esperanza _paulita,                            Ferdinando _ferdinando, and many many more…. I find it harder and harder to go into the store and purchase meat in fact last time I just could not do it. I am trying to phase out the meat and phase in my protein in other ways. I have coworkers who are vegan and I am going to start picking their brains. I doubt I can totally give up eggs or cheese but if I can eliminate meat that will be great. So I keep looking at pictures of these sweet lil animals and it takes me closer to being a meat free healthier me! PS I do not judge my fellow meat lovers =)

Looky here it is 8:00 and I got busy typing this and forgot I had the ice cream in the freezer! It is too late to eat tonite so headed to bed instead.

Hugs Theresa!


  1. No need to deprive ourselves of what we enjoy, just have those things less often and only a handful of bites, enjoying it slowly and intentionally. During summer, when I do go to Baskin and Robbins (occasionally), I ask them to give me a small scoop, that way I am not tempted to eat the whole thing. I still pay the price for a regular cone. Just an idea. Although it’s been many, many years since I looked, I believe Brownies and Ice Cream are listed as some of the better choices for treats in the Glycemic index. But, I’m sure you have a ton of things you can get from Weight Watchers. I am not a big sweet eater anymore. I keep organic dark chocolate around to satisfy my sweet tooth, when I have one. And, I only have a small piece. Hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday. We are having glorious spring weather!


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