I tried to come up with a clever catchy title but alas I cannot. Week one down of the Live Healthy America program and overall I think I did pretty good. My friend from work and I decided we could only go out to lunch one day a week and the rest of the days we had to bring lunch. We both decided that we had to have a back up like peanut butter or soup because we tend to pretend we forgot lunch. Friday’s sunrise was a beautiful end to the work week.

150130 sunrise

Today I actually made a healthy smoothie for lunch and for dinner and had a nice salad for lunch. I walked down each flight of stairs and down the hallways and then onto the next set of stairs and next hallway to get some steps, it is too windy and cold to walk outside. I had left an ice tea in my car so was going to grab it and then repeat the process going up. Got down to the car….no keys! So in my frustration I just decided to walk up all 5 flights (woooot my fitbit counted it as 11 flights since they are taller than most). Let me tell you 5 flights (or 11) may not sound like much to most, but to an overweight out of shape asthmatic it is HUGE!!!

150131 salad 150131 smoothie

I have really struggled this week with feeling down, normally I do not think of myself as being lonely, I love being alone… but I used to have a sweet dog to cuddle with and I no longer have that. My best friend lost her precious dad to cancer and I am not there for her, she also lost her ex husband who she had remained friends with a few days before her father passed away. My heart aches for her, I know that pain of losing your dad. The day my dad died she left her work and drove from Salem to Portland to spend the day with me. I am so sad I cannot be there for her but I know she is surrounded by loved ones. I used to be able to just pop over to my neighbor Mary’s if I was feeling lonely or just needed a good laugh now I live across town from her. So I decided to grab some of my card making supplies and start doing cards again. I struggle with doing it because I am semi obsessed with my new place being uncluttered. BUT I will just have to come up with a solution that makes it work since the stuff will have to be in my living room.  I used to just rush through making my cards, frustrated because I am not as good at it as my daughter, or mother, or sister, or the guy down the street…. so here is my start to a card.

150131 camper

So on that note (get it note, card…) I am going to continue this next week to live even healthier than I did last week. And I am going to be a happy camper damnit!

Hugs~ Theresa

4 thoughts on “????????”

  1. Love your pun and your camper card. I love you too, “Happy Camper!” Reminds me of Grandma Wirth when she moved into the Aspens…”I made up my mind I was going to be happy and I am going to be happy.” You could almost hear her adding under her breathe, “even if it kills me” Bless her heart; she was happy.


  2. Love you. Love your post. Impressed you found something to help with the lonliness, and you will figure out a great way to keep your card stuff together. Your cards, because they are from you, are as fabulous as anyone elses’s. Five flights of stairs is a lot…and even more if they are your stairs. Glad you have your partner at work and such a great outlook and plan. And thank you for letting me be a part of your voyage.


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