Not so Lazy Sunday

Most Sundays I am totally lazy but today I got up early, picked up the house, did laundry, went for a walk and then had breakfast with a couple of friends. Came home did some more laundry, and then went for another walk. Curves is not open on Sundays but I need to make sure I do not just languish in the house!

I got myself some new tennis shoes awhile back and am still in the process of breaking them in. I have had numerous foot surgeries so have to be careful about what I wear and how often I do strenuous things with them. I was a little disappointed that this afternoons walk had to be cut short because my foot started to hurt. I also have horrid lower back issues, due in part to being overweight as well as having NO core. 2 c-sections and 3 more abdominal surgeries my muscle is kaput and that causes my lower back at times to literally feel as if hot pokers are being rammed in it. So I did as much as I could and headed back to the house. Even though it was short I went, I will do several small walks a day until I can do longer one. I am determined to do a portion of the marathon in 2016! It took me years to get to this shape and will take me even more to get me back to good health but I am going to do it!  I did get my trust yoga mat out when I got back from walk and put it to use using the evil torturous gray roller from hell. Oh it looks innocent enough but this beast is like a Swedish masseur on overdrive…

unnamed (1)

I am sitting here listening to the fountain outside my place, I love this sound, there are little birds frolicking on my porch. They are so cute to watch, they play tag and just chirp and are carefree. Just ate a yummy salad and am going to fold some laundry.


Pretty boring day I know but it is peaceful and I am, for the first time since sweet Luna died not eating myself out of boredom or sadness. She would have loved living here. Her favorite thing to do was to lay in the sun at my old place, there was a tiny little space in time that she could get a patch of sun. Here she would have had all day to go out and lay and enjoy the out of doors. I promise you Teeny Tiny Fat Lu I will at least once a day, rain or shine, go outside and enjoy the day for you even if only for a moment.



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