Day 5 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Namaste

I decided that my picture a day for 30 days and exercising 30 minutes a day for 30 days has been fairly easy so am adding another 30 day challenge from the list. I was at the store yesterday and had gone outside for a bit today and for whatever reason, when I was asked how my day was going, instead of my normal gee I am glad it is almost over or I will be glad when I can go to bed or whatever other thing I normally say, that I would say I am doing fabulous thank you for asking, how about you?!? My tired looking clerk perked up and said she was doing great too! I saw a elderly man with a yellow steno pad and said uhoh looks like you got some heavy duty shopping to do! He laughed and leaned into me and stated naaaaaw it just makes me look I was listening to the wife and then he laughed LOL!!! Later in the store I saw him again and he laughed and remarked it took me long enough to find him again. I found myself kinda snickering the rest of the day when I thought about it. So my new 30 day challenge is…………….

  1. Use words that encourage happiness. – Typically, when I ask someone “How are you?” they reply, “I’m fine” or “I’m okay.”  But one lazy Monday afternoon last month a new colleague of mine replied, “Oh, I am fabulous!”  It made me smile, so I asked him what was making him feel so fabulous and he said, “I’m healthy, my family is healthy, and we live in a free country.  So I don’t have any reason not to be happy.”  The difference was simply his attitude and his choice of words.  He wasn’t necessarily any better off than anyone else, but he seemed twenty times happier.  Spend the next 30 days using words that encourage a smile.

I hope to get out for a walk tonight but I decided I was going to try yoga I mean after all I have a super cute green yoga mat! I found this great website and did all the poses (now I am not saying it was pretty but I did it). I bookmarked it and will keep at it at least several times a week. My tired and abused body and mind need to be worked on and this is just the thing. I powered up on a kale, spinach, mixed berry, cranberry, apple, peach, flax seed and greek yogurt smoothie and got down with my bad self. 11133999_1425822037722555_703712817785698857_o 11178229_1425822044389221_3037829735678537774_n


My picture for the day is of the awesomely cute bee boot that I had bought my daughter years ago. She planted a little garden of succulents in it and gave it back to me as a gift. I made coffee, poached eggs and a fat free peach muffin and sat outside smiling at that little boot and listening to the birds. Have I said how much I love living at my new place!20150419_092248-1 (1)

Dinner was salad and man it was good! AND I cannot believe I forgot to mention yesterday that I weighed at Curves (no new measurements yet) and was down 2.5 in a week! Now the realistic me knows that is more likely because I was moving and watching what I was putting in my mouth and will not be a weekly occurrence and that is ok. Putting on weight took years and will take time to take off. There will be ups and downs and that is ok, I will just ride those peaks and valleys and march on.

I want to leave you with another great read from Marc and Angel Hack Life. I have been burned twice in marriage, I have a broken picker and go for the men you should not go for. I have vowed to never marry, date etc again. That said, these little stories make me smile and makes me glad that there are people out there who get to experience love.

60 Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile

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