Day 7 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ You say tomato I say tomaaaaaahto

I used to have a ton of wonderful plants at my old place until one day there was a note that said get rid of everything but 4 plants and they cannot be bigger than 18 inches. Eventually we could have no plants… So I am so excited that I can once again have plants!!! I have this great planter that my daughter made me, a little rubber bee boot of hers that has a plant and I am the proud mom of 6 new tomato plants!

My hope is to read and learn how to grow amazing tomato plants using planters on a deck. These are not ordinary plants, there is an orange cherry tomato, a purple one, a beef steak and she brought seeds back from a friends plant in Italy and has every summer since, dried her own seeds from her tomatoes to grow her seedlings for all us at work. Stay tuned, this may be a very tomatoey blog in the future!


This is my daily struggle.. one I am determined to conquer. Hugs ~~ Theresa

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