Day 8 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Tired

Not feeling up to blogging today but I made a promise to do so daily even if it is just to say hi. Work is pretty stressful right now, sleep is hard to come by and my jaw hurt so badly from clenching my teeth. Another long day at work and took a different route home today. It is a busy street and two little dogs ran out nearly getting hit by one car and then being struck by another car. 7 little kids ages 5-10 on the sidewalk, no parent in sight, screaming because it was their pups. The youngest boy then darts out in front of cars followed by the oldest to get to his dogs, narrowly avoiding being hit. The pups just got nicked I guess as they ran off wagging their tails. Still no parents…. I was getting ready to call the police but someone else had done it so I just headed home in tears.

I lost my sweet lil St. LunaTic in January, I would have never let her run like that, I miss her and I despise people who cannot take care of their children or their pets. I would give anything to have my sweet lil pup back.


My picture for the day is of this adorably unique man, he was sporting this awesome hat and had bling all over his fingers and his neck. He was very animated and quite the character.


Have a blessed day ~~ Hugs ~ Theresa


1 thought on “Day 8 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Tired”

  1. Your thoughts and words, as always, are wonderful. Thank you T for sharing and sorry for the cruddy parts of your day.


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