Day 11 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ Somber Sunday

Today has been an odd mix of exhaustion, blowing my nose, coughing and trying to not have a full blown asthma attack, tears, topped off with little bits of smiles. I am tired…I miss my kids…I miss my dad….I miss my mom….I have used the excuse that I am too tired to go to Curves so blew it off most of last week. I made a promise to do 30 days of 30 minutes so have been walking which is good but I can tell not going and doing the Curves workout is affecting me both physically and mentally.

As I sit here typing this I see my daughter has posted a story about the people in Nepal…how incredibly sad and man did I need to see that to take me out of this state of mind. I think it is ok for me to talk about my struggles and feelings, it is part of my journey but I need to say it and move along and change it. This is the part of finding yourself that tends to derail people, you start getting to the root of things and it gets painful and you quit. I have started this journey more times than I can count and I am not going to give up this time. These people have so little and their struggles so much more than mine could ever be. So I am not going to delete my above writing because I am worth talking about but I will not wallow in it. My sinus infection will pass, their struggles will remain for a very very long time.

10470862_10152759759017217_9105657262734866849_n 11071831_10152759759867217_4592326070571259180_nSince I have to take a picture but do not feel up to going outside I took one of my new best friend…friends meet Mr. Kleenex, Mr. Kleenex meet my friends.


Hugs ~~ Theresa

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