Day 12 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ When is a fail NOT a fail

Those of you who have been following me know I made a promise to myself to do the “30 Day Challenge” I posted by Marc and Angel Hack Life. I have been successful at doing it until today… I have a history of bronchitis  that ultimately turns into pneumonia and appear to be well on my way this morning. I shot my doctor an email with hopes of getting my inhaler refilled but she was out of the office and her nurse did not get back to me until late and I missed the call GRRRRRRRRRRR. That said I can barely breathe so walking/exercising is just not going to work for me today so I attempted to do my yoga, exercise ball, etc but my sinuses SCREAMED at me so… today I thought was a fail, but the more I think about it I have decided to not view it as such. A fail would have been me being to lazy to go workout, not being able to breathe is a justifiable reason to miss a day, I will just tack them on to the end.

I did get a picture although my goal was to get something different everyday today just was not in the books. I went into work for half the day but had to come home. This morning however before leaving for work I stepped out on my porch and the view was incredible… beautiful and serene.


I was getting news alerts about the violence going on again regarding police and others. I am not opening up for debate but it just breaks my heart. That said I was watching a show about a starving polar bear who was stalking this guys sled dogs. They are chained up and have no way to escape, the dog bows down to show he is not aggressive and the polar bear starts dancing around him. They are best buddies, he comes back year after year to play with the dogs! Now up to 7 bears show up yearly to play… This is an animal whose goal is to kill and eat food when he sees it yet he does not. Humans are the worst type of animal… How sad that we hate different races, or police, or the president or whatever it is that makes us mad at the time. We could take a clue from the animals.

Love and hugs my friends.

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