Day 13 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ To Breathe or Not to Breathe!!!

A trip to doctor finds my oxygen levels low and blood pressure high BLASTED!!! High blood pressure due to the stress of my lungs trying to oxygenate my body, I think it elevated a bit more when I paid for the medications! That said I am happy I can afford a doctor and get what I need to start breathing again. The downside is I hate taking steroids, there is the weight gain that goes with it and the mood changes… ugggg BUT I will be able to breathe again so BONUS. So picture

I have a multitude of pictures of the day today#1 today is of my beautiful new breathing regime (the bourbon is not prescribed but if all else fails…..)  20150428_180837-1

My second picture is just begging for sunshine and warm days to happen!20150428_113523  When that happens the most awesomely, beautiful, funny and sweet Hannah will be there waiting to help us get our food on!  20150428_113623

Time to take my tired self to bed, have a blessed rest of the day!

4 thoughts on “Day 13 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ To Breathe or Not to Breathe!!!”

  1. Stanford!!! I miss their BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad.
    For breathing….I had this horrible cough in January that ended up with me taking 2 kinds of steroids, an inhaler and antibiotics. But what really helped was something my aunt told me to do…. put Vicks on the bottom of your feet at night with socks over. Totally helps. Don’t know why… works for Quin too and he has asthma.


  2. Have you ever thought about seeing a Natural Path or Natural Therapist someone who practices natural therapies. Check your phonebook or online for office locations in your area. Also Dr. Mercola has lots of free information about changing your lifestyle naturally to heal yourself. We have a link on our site, sending love and light Scott.


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