Day 15 ~~30 Day Challenge ~~ (Insert Clever Catch Phrase Here)

This bout of bronchitis is kicking my butt! I had to take today off of work and am going to have to take tomorrow off as well.. I hate having to do that but I am finding if I move, talk or basically do anything more than breathe I start coughing and cannot catch my breath. So I will stay home and try to rest this beast out of my system. I am bummed as the little bit of stamina I had built up in my exercising is gone BUT I will just build it up again as soon as this passes.

Mary fed me some macaroni and cheese since I had not eaten today, it was pretty good albeit a bit Vicks Cool Mintyt. I decided since I was not going to be taking a picture that I would just take one of the pepper shaker on the table. Hmmmm I do not think I can write a paragraph about a pepper shaker… it is clear, it has blackish flecks in it, they are good on mac and cheese, it makes you sneeze… 20150430_192211-1

Since I went to get the mac and cheese with Mary I decided to take a picture on my way back in to my place, I thought this was kind of cool looking, but that could be the lack of oxygen to my brain! 20150430_193548-1 Before heading back into my apartment I thought I would toodle to the front of the building to catch the sun since I rarely see that side.

These are just taken from the street side of our building.


This is just a pretty piece of art on the street side of the building 20150430_194158

As I drug myself back into the elevator to get back up to my place I was thinking DANG this is a long hallway!! Lesson learned and will not be exiting the building again for at least a day or two. BUT as I was sitting on the deck getting my breath and my brain matter back I noticed the moon so took a few more pictures. Here I thought I had to take a picture of a pepper shaker to fulfill the challenge and instead I ended up with some good shots. Off to bed my friends.

20150430_195628-1 20150430_195642-1 20150430_195651-1

Hugs ~ Theresa

1 thought on “Day 15 ~~30 Day Challenge ~~ (Insert Clever Catch Phrase Here)”

  1. Goodnight and hope you are better soon. I just looked at the moon here before I read this.. beautiful~ Thanks for sharing.


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