Day 19 ~~ 30 Day Challenge ~~ P.O.O.P.E.D

I was so excited to go back to work today and for the most part it was good. Tons of emails that I did not make a dent in but at least I was not stuck in the house again. I did realize I am not as up to par as I thought I was, I am POOPED. So as hard as I tried to find something wonderful to take a picture of today I just could not muster the energy to go anywhere.

That said there is a storm blowing in so took some shots from the deck. Too tired to do much more than post them on here.. I will be happy when I can get back into the groove of exercise and a fully oxygenated brain so my blogging can be a bit more exciting !  So here are my shots for the day, I cannot think of anything to say about them but they are stormy HA!

20150504_190924-1 20150504_191207 20150504_191125-1  20150504_191229-1 20150504_191308 (1)  20150504_19274120150504_191002-1

your future self quotes

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