Day 27/28 ~ 30 Day Challenge ~ The Circle of Life

We are born, we live and we die.. It is a sad fact of life that is must come full circle. That said I come from a small tight knit community where most everybody knows everyone in town. There are times when it seems like every time you turn around the community has lost someone.

The last couple of months have been that way. My best friend lost her wonderful father to cancer, he was such a great man, you could not speak to him and not break into laughter. His love for his family, friends and animals was fierce. He was a huge supporter of all things sports related in regards to the youth of Harney County. Such a loss for our wonderful little community.

My dear friends just lost their mom before mothers day. She was the mother of all mothers! She was a Rainbow mother, a mother to her children, to all of us that were friends with her children, all of us Rainbow girls, to her grandchildren, you name it and she was loving it… such a loss…

This morning a classmate of mine was killed in a plane crash. He was a devoted husband and father to his 5 children. He came from a long line of loving hard working ranchers. His loss will be felt in this small community..

There are others, equally important that the community has lost. Each loss is felt by this small town, they rally around the families who have suffered the loss of their loved one. Although I no longer live there and have no desire to live there Harney County loves and takes care of their own.

One of the most inspirational families I know are the LaFollettes. Beverly grew up in Burns and Brian moved there during his school years. Brian’s family owned the local funeral home and Brian eventually took over the family practice. I cannot even begin to imagine what they go through anytime they have to answer the call. They have been there to support, love, and help us say goodbye to our loved ones. I have watched Bev at funerals I have attended fight back tears because that is what she has to do… The fact that I see that struggle in her just reinforces what an amazing wonderful person she is. My father passed away 5 years ago and Bev and her brother David were so kind, patient and helpful to my mother during he painful process. They have had to help their friends bury their children, their parents, their siblings. They will never know how appreciated and loved they are in that little town.

The flip side of death is birth… Such a beautiful thing… My nephew’s half brother just welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world, first girl that anyone can remember. What a blessing!  I have several friends who have either had a baby recently or have become grandparents. Someone near and dear to me is expecting a baby it will be fun to share the joy once they feel they can say something.

I am sitting in my apartment looking down at the fountain and see a young couple, they have been standing down there for almost an hour, standing about 4 feet apart just talking. I noticed at some point she was crying, her shoulder going up and down. Eventually he went to her and put his arm around her, they just stood there and he stroked her shoulders as she cried. Eventually they hugged and she walked away, by herself crying and he went the opposite way… Life can be so hard at times yet the love we experience mostly makes the pain worth it.

I was reading about Sheryl Sandberg and the loss of her husband.. I have been married and divorced twice. I am single by choice, have not dated in nearly 14 years. I am one of those people who feel the pain is not worth any joy received. I do not trust and I am not willing to punish someone else for my baggage. But when I read what she said about her life with her husband, a tiny part of me thinks perhaps one day….

We had 11 truly joyful years of the deepest love, happiest marriage, and truest partnership that I could imagine…” Sandberg, 45, wrote. “He gave me the experience of being deeply understood, truly supported and completely and utterly loved – and I will carry that with me always. Most importantly, he gave me the two most amazing children in the world.

Sandberg wrote that as heartbroken as she is today, she is equally grateful for the time they had together.

“Even in these last few days of completely unexpected hell – the darkest and saddest moments of my life – I know how lucky I have been,” she wrote. “If the day I walked down that aisle with Dave someone had told me that this would happen – that he would be taken from us all in just 11 years – I would still have walked down that aisle. Because 11 years of being Dave Goldberg’s wife, and 10 years of being a parent with him is perhaps more luck and more happiness than I could have ever imagined. I am grateful for every minute we had.

The upside of today was I went on what my buddy Pam and I like to call a little field trip. We decided since it was national biscuit day we should probably have one for lunch so went to Pine State Biscuits on Alberta.

111 112

I love that part of town, it used to be an area people avoided because of crime and gangs. The residents took back their streets and it is artsy and wonderful. We parked several blocks away and found some wonderful things to take a picture of! Case in point……This beautiful mural, I could not get it in one shot as a delivery truck pulled up when I started to take a picture, but I was able to piece it together.

114113  115 116

Then there was this wonderfully odd ATM machine!117

Saw some beautiful flowers along the way…  118  124

Pam evidently had never seen a metal tractor seat before so had to sit in it lol 123

Tonight I was once again blessed with an amazing sky view


And my beautiful flowers Levi and Megan got me are even more beautiful. 119

Full circle…. story of life. We are born, we live and we die… It is what we do with the living that matters.

Love and hugs my friends.

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