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Happy 4th of July!! Some of my favorite memories are of the 4th of July. Growing up my parents always got us fireworks and we would watch as a family the show in our tiny little town the years they had it. Burns is a small community, not wealthy but committed to it’s people. My dad was very involved in the Kiwanis, who for years raised money to put on a show.

My children for most of their lives never got to celebrate with their father as he and a crew would put on the show which meant not seeing him the entire day or night. Let me tell you, those guys never got the glory they should have. At times I would hear people complain at how long it took between shots among other things. I can tell you these guys HAND dug every single hole for the tubes to put those fireworks in, they had to hand load and empty between shots and hand load again. No computers in those days. It is HOT on the 4th of July in Burns, they are in the sun the entire day getting eaten by mosquitoes the size of pterodactyl’s and you cannot drink a cold one SAY WHAT!!!

Working up to the town display of fireworks by dad would prep for his, I swear he was more happy than the kids!!! And he LOVED the ground bloom flowers, those were his specialty! The kids understood he needed to set them off haha. He would put on his little show and watch the kids set off theirs and then we would head to the field to watch the town display. The kids would sit there almost holding their breath while the show went off, you could see pride in those little faces and when there was a delay you would see fear thinking that maybe he blew up!! Not many kids can say their dad is a pyrotechnic dude. Once they hit 18 they were able to help their dad put on the shows. As a mom and back when I was married to their father I can tell you the 4th was not my fav thing only because of the fear. BUT they love doing it. This will be the first year in a very long time that as a family they are not putting on a show.

My parents along with a handful of other dedicated people sit in a tiny little shed selling fireworks to try to raise enough money to continue having a show for this little town. It may not be long or as spectacular as the big city shows but that show is STELLAR!!! There is so much pride it is awesome. I know my dad is in heaven putting on the most BAD ASS ground bloom show for all his buddies up there with him. Love you my sweet silly wonderful dad, I miss you, I miss ground bloom flowers and I am so thankful to you and mom for giving my children a truly kickass private firework show of their own. Be safe my friends, enjoy the day, your family and friends and celebrate!! I am going to have dinner with a friend and then babysit her dog so she can go enjoy the fireworks!


Every year I swear I will not spend another summer overweight. Being hot is not my favorite thing but when you are packing 150 extra pounds it is misery!! I keep trying and failing at the weight loss thing but the one thing I will not stop doing is trying. SO I got up early, went to the farmers market and got some things. I have been so disappointed with our market this year, so little produce, it is mostly crafty stuff now. I keep hearing about ramps so decided to give it a try. The smell in my car was sublime! I only came away with a few things but it was nice just getting a bit of a walk in before it got too hot. 20150704_093940-1

I had some birthday money left over (thank you mom!!!) that I had stashed and forgot about. A few weeks ago I bought this awesome planter box with herbs. Today they had them buy one get one free!! I am so excited, I have already dried fresh thyme from my last one and one of my new ones has Calendula and I am so excited about that!!! I really had little knowledge of all the wonderful things one can do with plants including flowers until my most awesome friend Kathy shared her wisdom. If you are looking for information, herbs, oils etc she is incredible in her knowledge. I cannot recommend her enough. Please check out her page, she is so helpful and her site is just beautiful. You can find her here: Wild Woman Herbal  I have troubles sleeping and have had huge asthma issues this year. She made me an oil for each issue and I will tell you they have made life tolerable.

2015-07-04 09.55.50 (1)

I am going to start a 21 day excercise/diet challenge with some amazing supportive women. I am excited, I am hopeful, if I falter I will get back up. So stay tuned!!! I am going to post my before picture and stats once I start. I am going to try daily to update even if just a line to say how I am doing. I want to realize that I am beautiful just the way I am, that I have worth, that I am more than an obese person. Part of that healing is shedding the weight both physical and mental that have bound me for so many years. I have set my alarm back 40 minutes so I can exercise or walk in the morning before work and plan on Curves at least 4 times after work a week.

Some people find it odd that I keep attempting to continue with this blogging, but I have chatted with some incredible people I do not know, I have gone to their blogs and read their struggles and successes and it inspires me. I want to get back the Theresa who used to be kind, the Theresa that evidently others think I am. I want to walk the walk and talk the talk. I want to be human, a nice, kind, supportive human. I want to live a healthy life. I want to shed my anger and slow down and enjoy. I want to be here to grow old but be active. My mom is 79 years young, she is incredible. She is active and I want to be her when I grow up (did I really just say that haha).

Happy beautiful day friends ~ Theresa


  1. Happy 4th of July. I, too, remember the fireworks with great memories. One year a friend and I watched them laying in the back of her truck. 🙂 The years that the group of us ran The Fantastic Fourth was amazing but it is a LOT of work, and the next years starts right after the fireworks are finished to organize everything. Sending prayers and positive thoughts on your journey. Don’t overdue and burn out… YOU are amazing!


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