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feeling kinda awesome

Almost at the end of week one of my clean eating and the 21 day fix.Monday I got serious, I prepped meals based on the little containers, I made a healthy smoothie in the morning and I have to say the week went really really well. I am cleaning out my freezer and once all the stuff in there is gone it will no longer house unhealthy processed foods. I had to start pretty simple because there is a learning curve! I am eating tons of veggies and fruits, find I cannot even get in the carbs I am allotted daily because I just no longer crave them.

I have been sauteing kale, spinach, peppers, carrots, tomato, fresh garlic and cauliflower topped with organic chicken italian sausage and a sprinkling of balsamic and parmesan for dinner. I am not hungry….period… I have a smoothie on the way to work with the protein powder and for a snack steel cut oats with blueberries, a huge salad with protein for lunch and a snack of almonds in the afternoon with some fruit.

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Today I prepped and measured out all my smoothie stuff. 5 lbs of kale/spinach/radichio …and 8 pounds of cranberry/blueberry/strawberry/banana/peach/raspberry/blackberry. Tomorrow I will measure and bag up lunch stuff for the week. Honestly took me about an hour today and likely even less tomorrow!


TMI TIME – This clean eating has made me less bloated and puffy, less gassy and able to sleep so much better, I actually slept in until 7:30 rather than the normal 5:00. The best thing is I am not doing by replacing a meal with powders. I am using Shakeology in the morning smoothie and I will say it has majorly curbed my cravings but that is the only time and I still getting 5 more small meals in. I am not sure I can afford it beyond this month (but really hope I can) but with the amazing guidance of my awesome coach Heather and the wonderful women in our group on Facebook I know in my heart I will continue to succeed if I let myself. I am the worlds BEST (or worst) saboteur but really hope I can just be done with that part of me.

My buddy from work is constantly telling me I am awesome and others have said it as well but I have never believed it. I am not sure I still completely do but I am learning to say thank you when someone compliments me or says something nice. I am learning to be less self deprecating and I hope one day to see myself as others do. I HATE my picture taken and I am horrible at selfies but tried to do one a few weeks ago. It is goofy, I am not looking at the camera but my daughter said she liked it and that is looked pondery. SO since I am pondering my new journey to health I am going to post the picture. I am going to try to do it more often. In fact I am going to do it and try to include others as well.

I posted a video the other day on my facebook page about judging a book by it’s cover. It was about a group of men placed in a pitch black room. Each one spoke briefly about themselves and the rest of the room pondered what they looked like and did in life. Every single person was off base, one man was tattooed head to toe but you would never guess by his voice. Another man talked about sky diving and mountain climbing, he was in a wheelchair. Then this happened to me….

I stopped by the store after work and was headed to my car when a I almost stepped on a homeless man when I turned the corner. He had no teeth and clearly mentally challenged, several people glared at him in disgust. I told him I was sorry I almost squished him, he laughed and smiled and said hey that’s ok thanks for saying so. I stopped and asked how he was doing and he said real good other than his allergies. We chatted for a good 10 minutes about his allergies and mine and the merit of rain! Not once did this man ask for money or food or say a single swear word. He was jovial and sweet and kind. I feel sad for all those who pass him by. I so wish I would have asked him if we could have done a selfie.

I then went to another store and this lady started chatting to me. She is originally from Europe and was buying two cases of that super heavy rye bread. I really wanted to go home but she just kind of followed me talking… So I stopped and paid attention to her. When I did leave she touched my shoulder and thanked me for letting her ramble that it was her dad’s favorite and he had recently passed….Now I wish I had taken a selfie with her too…. Perhaps I shall start doing that.


Life can be so awesome if we just let it be. Yes it will have ups and downs but that is what makes it life. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs ~ Theresa

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