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whew i made it!!!!

Week one done of my 3 week clean eating 21 day fix journey! I am so absolutely shocked at how good I feel, how little I am craving junk I used to eat daily. Of course I was bragging yesterday about how I slept in …. well today I was awake early again BUT not as early as normal. And I am going to blame it on the heat we had yesterday. AND I think it important to note this weekend is the FIRST weekend in I do not know how many that I have not taken nor felt the need to take a nap.

Anyhoo, I decided to get up and to check out the new path they paved by my apartment. It is so wonderful, smooth and all along the path are little garden plots that people rent from the city (in the police department parking lot and I am totally checking it out for next year). There were flowers and veggies, and birds and bees and it was blissful! I opted to do eggs and toast for breakfast, I am so amazed at how good stuff tastes now. Literally in one weeks time I have eaten things without salt that I never would have before.


I felt so good after the walk so went out to my little herb garden and got me some lemon balm and mint and made a batch of green tea. 2015-07-04 09.55.50 (1) PhotoGrid_1437353225105

Normally I eat my smoothie for breakfast on the drive to work BUT I did not factor in how hard pre-blended veggies and fruit is so set it out and had it along with kefir for my morning snack, plus I think it is good to switch it up on the weekend. So good and so satisfying. I am struggling with the cost and justifying the Shakeology but I have never felt so alive as I do right now. I know a good chunk of that is exercise and overall eating better but I have no doubt at all that the lack of cravings is due to the protein powder. I also love that it is not a meal replacement for me and is loaded with healthy stuff. This is the first weekend I have not had a cruddy Mcdonalds sandwich. I hope I can afford to keep using it but if not I will take the lessons I am getting from the 21 day fix and make it my new healthy lifestyle. No diet just clean healthy eating. All this and my carb cravings are GONE.

I did laundry, I went for another little walk, I prepped all my breakfast and lunches for this week and am still not remotely tired (again I normally am nodding off by 6:30).

So here is to a new week or healthy eating and getting more active! My goal for this week is to try some new recipes so I do not get bored and deter from this. 21 days they say is what you need to form a habit, I want this to be new norm.

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