aha moment number 5789

Well today was an eye opener for me. Last night I went to go have a walk after dinner and literally could barely make it around the parking lot and building my back and the back of my legs hurt so bad AND my feet. I hobbled to my apartment and lay down on the floor and did some stretches but the pain in my leg muscles just did not stop. I think my doing stairs so much in an effort to make up for not being able to walk was too much. Tonite the back of my ankle hurt so I was looking at it and it was cracked so deep it was bleeding!

I woke up this morning so tired I could barely get out of bed. I made my shake and drank it on the way to work and then struggled all day to stay awake. I felt weird I do not know how to explain it just kind of a nervous almost panic attack feeling.
I have been stressing because this week I have not lost anything in fact I went up and down a little but… I know in my head that it is normal and it is ok. I am still eating healthy, and honestly if I do not lose anymore than the 7.4 this round I am going to be ok with it.

I am not able to exercise like I should so I now that is part of it. I am not going to stress myself over it. I tend to do this sort of thing, stress myself then feel like I am failing and then go on a binge of terrible eating choices. I REFUSE to do that this time.

I will continue to eat like I am, rest my body a bit and walk around my parking lot and building until I can make it farther. I guess the moral of my story is I am going to listen to my body but I am not going to listen to my mind that is trying to help me fail.

I did not go into this thinking that along with weight loss and feeling better physically that my mental health would also be better! And with that I bid you all adieu, I am going to go take a relaxing bath and go to bed.

Theresa Lynn Tabor's photo.

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