quinoa! who knew…..evidently everyone BUT me!


Busy busy busy today, went shopping, BlendTec’d a ton of greens and fruit. I am loving my new blend I did today, mustard, spinach, turnip, beet, kale, and dandelion. I added carrots and tomatoes and felt like I was making baby food (it looked like it too)!

I have washed and chopped and pureed and cooked all day!! I decided to try my hand at quinoa. I cooked and cooled it and then added peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, snap peas, kale, fat free feta, and onions. I made a dressing of whole seed mustard, balsamic, fresh garlic and a little olive oil. Mixed it all together and let it marinate a little bit and viola’ delightful lunch. It was so filling I realized at 6:30 I still needed to get dinner in so opted for another shake instead. A mix of my wonderful greens, fruit, and kefir. Soooo good.

I want to send a shout out to my amazing, beautiful, wonderful, supportive and loving momma! She is always there for me to call with cooking questions, to listen to me complain and cry, she is a rock for my children and I am beyond blessed she is MY mom! I would not be where I am today if not for her. I love you  mom with every fiber in my soul (and lately I have a lot o fiber)!

Most of my friends know the horrible place I lived in for 7 years before I got to move into this new amazing place. I will not go into all the horrors of living there but it was bad. Disgusting, dangerous, and that was just the inside! So I had to laugh yesterday when I opened a letter from the City of Gresham. Seems there was a rental housing inspection program put into place in 2007 wherein they randomly select apartment units to be inspected to assure you are not being forced to live in squalor. WHERE WERE YOU when I LIVED in squalor!

The only complaint I have about my new place is the deck is not covered all the way. I LOVE sitting out listening to the rain but do not really want to SIT in the rain! I thought about an umbrella but the wind is kinda gnarly up here and I would feel uber bad if someone got impaled by my wayward umbrella. That and it is only about 5 feet wide. I feel pretty blessed that is my only complaint. I know I have said it before but I am gonna say it again I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE living here. I love my view, I love the people, I love that even though I am smack dab between the two busiest streets it is mostly quiet. Life is damn good my friends, damn.good.

I know today my blog is all over the place but that is how I have been today, here, there and everywhere!

I have stellar sunrise views but my storm view is pretty awesome as well, so I leave you with tonight’s beautiful sky. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

2015-07-25 19.07.13

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