2 weeks down one more to go!

Today was my weigh and measure day, I am 2 weeks into my 21 day fix. I am down 10.1 lbs, 6 inches, and my BMI lowered WOOOT! I have been taking it easy (sorta) this weekend. I prepped for a bit yesterday and then again today and walked the halls and stairs of the building. It felt good and I did not push it.

I am really looking forward this last week. That said, this is my new lifestyle, everyday…. This is totally sustainable, it is not a diet but eating clean and healthy. I have had no sugar, no white starchy foods, and very limited caffeine. The only processed food I have had is the nitrate free, non GMo organic chicken italian sausage.

Tonite I made 97% fat free chicken burgers using black beans, roasted corn, garlic, onions and smokey paprika. SOOO GOOD! The place is actually small and the patty is more than enough. I pre-measured the raw meat using 3/4 C. I keep checking my list to make sure I can actually have that much protein!  I love that I can spend about 4 hours on the weekend and have pre-measure meals for each day.


Laundry and housework done so I am going to treat myself to a nice long soak and go to bed early and read. I used to love reading but somewhere along the line I lost my love for it. I cannot concentrate so one of my goals is to read at least a page or two a night… maybe I will work up to a chapter!!

Have a blessed rest of your night and awesome week to come.


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