what a difference 21 days made

Today is day 21 for me so I did my weigh and measure and was excited to see the results! Beyond losing the weight and inches I have gained a new sense of eating. This is going to be my way of eating for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to the next 21 days! I am hoping to be able to do a bit more activity this time around. I ended up losing 13.4 pounds and 8 inches and lowered my BMI, but even more that that I feel AMAZING! I stayed the course, 21 days, no cheats! No sugar, very limited carbs, no coffee and ZERO cravings! I even went into the Sees Candy Store with my friend and told them no thank you when offered the free piece. That may not seem like much but for me the sugar queen that is huge. No more salt, no bacon, and I feel amazing!!!

BEFORE——–> 11048741_1449553502016075_1616041532265391917_n

AFTER———–> PhotoGrid_1438527795898

I rewarded myself for all my work with this awesome omelet. Seriously it is only 2 eggs, 1 cup veggies and 2 tsp of feta, sooo filling. Hard to believe that a few months ago I was eating omelets from restaurants that tend to use 4 or more eggs per omelet. PhotoGrid_1438537384197 and for lunch this wonderful salad , I absolutely am not suffering form lack of food! 20150802_131542-1

I spent a couple of hours yesterday and again today prepping food. I made this wonderful batch of Adzuki and Turtle beans with peppers, chilies, tomatoes, rosemary, garlic and carrots. So easy to do, and freezes wonderfully, but most will end up going to work for lunch along with lean ground turkey breast! 20150802_152215-1 I used my Blendtek to make up a months worth of fruit and veggies for my smoothies I have in the morning.  PhotoGrid_1438478410638 Tomorrow is my new 21 days and after that I will do it again and again. This is not a diet for me, this is my new way of life. I know I will stumble and have days I am not spot on but I think I can now, stand up, wipe myself off and pick up where I left off. I absolutely love this way of eating.

Have a blessed rest of your evening!!

8 thoughts on “what a difference 21 days made”

  1. Congrats on the first round of the 21 day fix! Keep up the good work! And thanks for sharing your story! Helps keep me motivated too!!


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