funny how life works

I was driving to the store this morning and thinking how funny it was that some of the most supportive and amazing friends I have are ones I have never met. I met them through someone on Facebook and for whatever reason they decided to come along on this ride I call my life.

I got an email from one of them and she challenged me to do 21 days of positive thinking, of not posting anything negative on my social media pages. I took the challenge and have to say it is harder to do than clean eating! Kind of telling that I have to expend more energy remembering to not be negative than to be not eating. The day I got that email, for whatever reason I looked on my deck and there was a little hummingbird just hovering, once I looked out he flew off. I think that is the universe speaking to me, I have lived here for almost 9 months and never had a hummingbird.

Teri Ann was one of my favorite DJ’s on a local radio station in Portland, she ended up moving to California and I was happily able to reconnect with my favorite DJ via another friend on Facebook. She is inspiring, sweet, kind and funny as hell and loves animals. She treats us her fans as tho we are friends and I adore her for that! Through her I met…..

Jan, she is this awesome, quirky, adorable, funny, loyal, animal lover extraordinaire and so supportive of me through this journey. She is seriously one of the most generous people I know when it comes to helping animals. Through her I met…

Kathy, she is this incredible, insightful, herbalist who just has such a way with putting life in perspective for others. She reached out to me, an utter stranger, and offered support and much more and continues to support me even when I balk (which I tend to do). She is a lover of nature and animals. Through her I am working on becoming more centered and positive.

One thing she shared with me was a post on her blog about empowerment. I read the blog and then did the exercise at the end of it. As I was doing the breathing exercise I literally started to cry, not a sad cry as I found myself smiling. The graphs are intriguing, through this new clean eating my mental status and overall feeling of well being is evident. One of the most telling ways is my last blood pressure reading. I am medicated for high blood pressure and still struggle at times with it being high. When that happens I am told to breathe deep for a bit and they retake and it is lowered. The other day the first take was 102 over 52!! I really hope you will check out her blog, she has so much amazing insight to offer.

Change Your Life 30 Seconds at a Time

You can find her at SmileyHolistcMedicine.com Kathy Smiley has been an herbalist, aromatherapist and organic gardener for 25 years. She’s been helping women heal since 1990.

For all the toxicity of social media, there are times you get the most welcome surprises! Each of these women have enriched my life and I inspire to do the same for others. Sometimes the best people in your life are those you have never met!


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