prepping pays off!

I just finished week 2 of my second 21 day fix and am feeling great. I did have a learning moment this weekend so now I have a new challenge. I am really diligent about eating clean and eating at least 5 small meals a day. Saturday I was going to visit a friend and decided to go walking at the Willamette Cemetery first. It is so peaceful and serene and I also get to pay my respects to some very special people as well. I stumbled upon a couple of deer who just stood there watching me! By the time I was done visiting with my friend, did my shopping for prep work, it was almost noon. I had my protein shake at 6. Completely threw my eating small meals off kilter. So goal going forward is to always remember to be prepared when I may end up not making it home timely. Now I will take a little cooler with a boiled egg, yogurt or something else for a snack.

The thing I love about prepping for the week is the time it saves me when I get home. I do not have to stare in my fridge thinking what should I cook. Today I prepped enough greens for two weeks and have fruit prepped for the month, healthy smoothie making has never been easier!

I roasted beets for a quinoa beet salad, roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil for a wonderful spicy soup. Made chicken meatballs to go in some Italian Wedding soup I plan on making this week. Made steel cut oats with apples and a wonderful dressing for the salad.

In the last two weeks I have lost an additional 6.4 pounds and 4.75 inches for a grand total of 19.8 pounds and 12.75 inches. But better than that I feel amazing and people are commenting that I look healthier. Cannot wait to see what the end of my 21 days brings.

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