clean eating and the result

Today was the last day of my second  day fix. I FINALLY got below 260, I have not been this weight in 15 years! This round I lost 8.5 pounds and 8.3 inches and was derailed by not being able to be as active, but I joined the gym and am feeling less pain. I will take it slow as I do not want to get sidelined again. Considering I was unable to do the Cize or 21 day Fix I am proof positive that clean eating and having one Shakeology a day works! I still eat 5 small meals on top of my morning shake, I know that is why I still have zero cravings.

My total loss for 6 weeks is 21.9 pounds and 16.3 inches!!! AND yesterday when I was walking I had my phone in my back pocket and my pants totally started to fall down so that is an awesome sign! Thank you all for your support and sharing of your own journey. We ROCK! I rarely take a picture of myself but I am trying to do more of it and this one shows a little less of my double chin. My friend fixed this picture for me, I love it and that is saying a lot. I also went down a bracket so now have a whole new curve to learn. Although it is less food it is not going to be hard to do, I never feel hungry, just need to remember and make less!


PhotoGrid_1440340129095 So tomorrow starts another 21 days of clean eating and a healthier me. One day it will be less a 21 day idea and more of an every single day without even thinking of it.

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