scratch tomato sauce with soba noodles

Decided to switch up my menu a little. I had a bowl of tomatoes and a bunch of basil I needed to use. This was so simple and turned out so flavorful and still 95% clean. I tend to not measure but will try to be a bit more detailed.

2 pounds of tomatoes

1 bunch of basil chopped

1 head of garlic chopped

1 onion chopped

2 T extra virgin olive oil

Organic chicken italian sausage

Cut little x’s in the bottom of the tomatoes and place in bowl. Pour near boiling water over tomatoes and let sit for 2 or 3 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water until you can hold them. Peel skin off and discard along with the seeds (seeds can make sauce bitter). Cut tomatoes in small chunks and set aside.

In a large pan add oil and once hot cook onions until soft, add garlic and cook just until you start smelling it. Do not burn the garlic!! Toss 3/4 of basil, cut up sausage along with the tomatoes into pan. Stir and cover for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve over soba noodles (any noodle will do, quinoa and rice would be nice as well) top with parmesan cheese!

20150825_175457 20150825_181622-1

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