clean eating + exercise = clean living both physically and mentally

First and foremost let’s get the numbers out of the way. just finished my 7th week and am down 25.1 pounds and 17.3 inches, I have lowered my BMI by 2.6 points. I was away from my laptop this weekend so am going to play catch up on my blog. I dog sat for a friend at her house and decided since I could not go to the gym I should at least go walking. It was great a round trip down and back on her block was a bit over a mile. I did that the first night I got there, then 3 times on Saturday. I used to be that person who looked for a reason to not walk or workout. I paid for a year membership and went maybe 3 times. I find now I am obsessed with it, I look for a reason to GO for a walk! 7 weeks ago I was lucky to get 3 active minutes on my fitbit. Now active minutes are not how many minutes you are walking, you have to be sustained and I don’t know what else but they are hard to come by…Today I kicked active minutes butt!!!

August 30, 2015

Took my weekly weigh and measure today. I have super upped my walking so was thinking I was going to kill it this week… I did not kill it but I am ok with that. I still lost 3.4 lbs, lost 1 inch and lowered my BMI by almost 1 point. I decided I could no longer use the word just or only when talking about my progress. Even if I lost 1 pound a week for a year that is 54 pounds. My clothes tell a different story than the scales and the tape. They are drooping on me, I just bought several new shirts about a week before I started this new lifestyle and they droop, they were a little tight when I bought them.

I have had a really tough week emotionally and it is not going to get better any time soon, but I decided I am not going to let that derail me. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I find myself walking around smiling like a fool taking to everyone! I went from laying on my couch from the second I got home until I went to bed to now going to the gym, then coming home and doing another walk after dinner and a couple of times even another walk. Food is no longer my nemesis.

Clean eating has changed me physically and mentally. I cannot change the way things are right now but I can change the way I choose to deal with it. I think this clean eating is so much more than just losing weight, it literally has turned my life around. So when you look at the scale or the tape measure and it does not tell you the story you want, look in mirror, put on your clothes, sit back and ponder how you have felt since starting this new life of taking care of yourself. I bet you are like me and the weight loss is just an extra bonus.

The old me would have stuffed my face, the new me went for 2 walks that ended up totaling almost 6 miles. I am obese, 7 weeks ago I could barely walk down the hall at my apartment and not be in pain. I have also reversed my type 2 diabetes, I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place but that would bore you lol.

Sorry for the novel here but I see people on other sites who think they are failing if the do not lose 10 pounds each week, that is not realistic. I challenge those people to rethink what this journey means to them and I bet you realize that the overall picture is much more important.

Jumping off my soapbox I got me some blueberries to measure and freeze!!

20150830_124545 (4)Screenshot_2015-08-30-18-16-37

August 29, 2015

Dog sitting this weekend should be good for my soul. Lunch was super good, but I am not prepared to be away from MY fridge and MY freezer. Learning opportunity. Thankfully I brought my shakeo.


What a morning, a walk, breakfast with friends, a trip to Savory Spice, another walk. Chatted with Mr Squirrel and got home just before the rain! I LOVE Savory Spice in Sellwood, worth the trip but they also deliver. I got spices to make Golden Milk Tea, kinda like Chai but spicy from tumeric. Great for cleansing. They have the best chili powders and paprika. Gonna have lunch and chill with Buddy


I found myself walking around with a smile, saying hello to people. Found this cute “free little library” An elderly lady was walking her dog and noticed our shoes matched so we chatted about the merits of Sketchers. I feel if donned a cardigan I could be the star of my own Ms.Rogers neighborhood, it is scary how much better I feel since I started this clean eating and exercising. I must have talked to 7 different people on my walks. Even the world smells better, it had rained and I could smell the rosemary and lavender that lines the sidewalk. 

I was really worried about going out to breakfast, I have eaten lunch out since starting this but that is easy, have a salad. But I did good on my breakfast choice. Went with a vegetable omelet that I split with Pam, she took the potatoes, and half the bread. The first time in 7 weeks I had coffee with no cream and bread although both pieces equaled about a half slice. I have always heard if you don’t like coffee black you do not like coffee, you are just masking it with sugar and cream. It was so good. I would say my first time out in a restaurant for breakfast was a success. I know some people do not understand what is so hard about going to a restaurant. I have tried really hard to be 99% clean and I am a notorious overeater so this was a struggle. But I made good choices.

20150829_105544-1 20150829_100846 20150829_080310-1

I was also a little worried on what I would eat while at their house, I did not take stuff from the house just thought I would buy something. Went to Trader Joe’s and wandered and wandered… finally settled on two salads, still pretty clean and they were so good. I think I am realizing clean eating means so much more than I thought. It is a slow learning process for me.

I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite sites, I really needed this today.

4 Questions that Will Change Your Attitude (When You Can’t Change Anything Else)


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