9 weeks and counting

Today was the final weigh and measure for my 3rd round. Unlike others who took before pictures in their sports bra and shorts (I do not own a pair of shorts) I took it in my bra and panties never planning on showing another soul!

I have had 4 abdominal surgeries, the ol from your belly button down incisions, the ones that destroy your muscles. So I notice that my apron as they call it is going down but that also means it is drooping more. My goal this 3 weeks is to minimize that as much as I can. Reality is at some point I may need to surgically remove some of it as you can only do so much when your muscles are cut in half. I think that is partly  why sometimes I think I am not seeing the results I would like to. When I lament that fact I just hitch up my drooping pants and say HEY I JUST HITCHED UP MY DROOPING PANTS I AM TOTALLY LOSING INCHES AND WEIGHT 😉

I took a picture on 8-28 and did it again this morning. the picture on the right is from 8-28 the right from today. I think there is a little bit of a change. My loss for this 3 weeks was 7.9 pounds and 6.2 inches. I weighed in at 250.8 so did not get in the 240’s like I had hoped. BUT since starting this journey on 7-20 I have lost 29.8 pounds and 22.55 inches I will take it!!

Why you ask is there a bird in your picture? Because he was on my walk this morning =)

I am so looking forward to the next 21 days. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

PhotoGrid_1442159340143 9 weeks

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