Clean Eating Recipes

black beans, cauliflower “rice” chicken bowls

This turned out so good. I am amazed at how little you can taste the cauliflower. Again I do not measure so you will have to wing it!

I love these cauliflower crumbles! There is no muss and no fuss, so far I have only found them at Target. Steam or boil cauliflower until al dente and drain. You need to drain really well so it will not get mushy. Heat black beans in a saucepan, meanwhile put the cooked cauliflower into a non stick pan. You can use oil I chose not to. I seasoned with fresh garlic, onions, smokey paprika, chili powder, chili lime powder and garlic powder. I wanted to mask the flavor of the cauliflower so seasoned it quite a bit.

I had pre-cooked chicken breast so heated that up along with some corn. Once the “rice” is done add to a bowl, layer drained black beans, a layer of chicken, corn, diced tomatoes and onions. I bought these really nice spicy greens at the farmers market and chopped them up and added a bit. You can add cheese if you like. I wish I had an avocado as that would have been awesome!!!


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