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rest in peace 14 year old theresa

I have had the most amazing 9 weeks, so much has happened during this short time. My life has changed tenfold. I keep worrying that people are going to get tired of my clean eating dialogue or as I like to refer to it my MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA mantra! I feel like I need to tone it down sometimes….but then… like this week…. I had more people that I can count ask if they could share with their loved ones or their groups. I have had so many people from my clean eating Facebook page ask if they can be my friend. I have people reaching out to me, asking for help, telling me that I have inspired them. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be an inspiration to anyone. This has been happening for the last 6 weeks of this journey. I am absolutely humbled by it. Although Shakeology and 21 Day Fix along with an amazing coach started this journey for me, I am finishing it.

When I created this blog it was to lay to rest the past, to move on and to become healthier emotionally and physically. I try to shy away from the limelight and play things down. I worry people will think I am bragging or just wanting attention. But I believe with every fiber in my body that this has saved my life. Mentally and physically I am the healthiest I have ever been. Here is a little list of some of the amazing things that have happened since July 20, 2015, the day I said goodbye to that little wounded 14 year old girl who has dictated my life for the past 38 years. Goodbye sweet, sad, angry girl…..It is time I laid you to rest, I love you and am sorry I allowed you to be in pain for all these years…

  • Lost 30.5 pounds and 22.5 inches
  • Learned to LOVE walking, like seriously obsessed with it
  • Gained more energy than I know what to do with (see the above line)
  • Walk with a sense of pride and a constant smile
  • Less angry in general bordering on over the top happy
  • Learning to let go of the past hurts
  • Reversed my diabetes from 6.8 to 5.9 (no more Metformin)
  • Lowered my cholesterol from 242 to 136, my LDL from 149 to 59, my triglycerides from 233 to 182
  • Eliminated one of my blood pressure medicines
  • Went from laying on the couch from the time I got home until I went to bed to walking 4-6 miles a day
  • Taking and posting pictures of myself
  • Eating 95% whole food and clean
  • Learning to accept compliments
  • Less negative thinking and posting on my social media
  • Eliminated sugar, salt and unhealthy carbs from my diet
  • Lowered my blood pressure
  • Inspired others
  • Met some of the most amazing, inspirational, wonderful women
  • Realizing if I am unhappy, I am the only one who can change that, if I am miserable, it is my bad for allowing it to continue

I could go on and on but I think the list above is enough. I have not touted or tried to sell people on #Shakeology or the #21 Day Fix, I have talked about how it helped change my life, but not really as much as I maybe should. I truly believe that, this one shake a day has helped me, the premise of the 21 Day Fix has altered my life beyond belief. If anyone is interested in learning more all you need do is ask. I am more than happy to share what I have learned and tell you a bit about the other.

I know I have said I love walking, I see things so differently now.. How can the simple act of changing what you put into your body so dramatically change your entire existence. I see everything so differently, they are so much more beautiful, I smile at weeds and little rocks and trees and even the little snake that made me jump and scream. I have so many things go through my head on these walks, what I want to blog about, what I want to say to people, how much I love my family and friends. How much I want to help just one person realize that their life can be utterly amazing. Sometimes it is almost too much, it is like I am on some drug! I want to scream to the world how wonderful your life can be! Sometimes that beauty makes my eyes leak!

I made a decision when I moved here to my beautiful new apartment, that it would be a place of no negativity and be zen. I think I have finally created that little space. I also decided to create the new Facebook page and have the focus of it be my journey and I think in some ways I have not succeeded at that. I am going to try my best to not apologize for going on and on about this new lifestyle. It is my journey and my page and friends can choose to follow along or they can choose to not have me show on their feeds. I have eliminated a lot of what used to show up on mine. I figure I can go to my friends pages and catch up on their lives. I still get some just not all… So I apologize if I do not know about important comings and goings. I love each of my friends, they have supported me, made me laugh and sometimes made me cry. They are my sounding board and my cheerleaders. They are amazing and I am blessed.

I am going to start taking more pictures. My daughter has always done that, taken a picture of something most people do not see, but when she shows you, you are amazed. I want to include the things I am seeing, that I am finding beautiful, with my friends. I hope, in some way, I enrich your lives as much as you have enriched mine.

Tonight I took a walk when I got home hoping to beat the rain, then true to form after dinner I was jonesing  to go again so off I went.. Here are a few pictures of the sky on my walk and the view from my wonderful, beautiful deck! I am blessed to get to see this day and night.


11 12

Oh did I mention that I finally made it to the 240’s for the first time in over 15 years!!!! 15

The graph is my weight over the last 10 years!14

Goodnight my friends, goodbye my little sad 14 year old self, thank you for protecting me and for the lessons you taught me, may you finally rest in peace… Hello my new happy self!


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