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what a great saturday!!!

I am dog/cat sitting for a friend, they have 2 English bulldogs (Lula Bell & Emerson) 1 French Bull dog  Annie Mae) and 2 Persian cats (Remington & Artimas)!


Not only did they stock the fridge with all sorts of healthy foods for me I was gifted this amazing Le Creuset! I have always wanted one. 20150918_171208-1

Met a friend for a healthy breakfast and ate a fig… I loved it! We shared a veggie scramble and this amazing homemade bread.


We decided to head to Tryon Park for a walk, it was so beautiful, like being at the coast. No sounds but birds and the little creek and the occasional person.PhotoGrid_1442719966052PhotoGrid_1442719888193

I needed to head to my apartment to grab a few things and thought I would do my normal walk while laundry was drying. I need to find a different place to walk, flat hurts my shins, but the trails do not.

Got back to where I am staying and thought I would check out the trails nearby. I drove to the entrance and OMG!! Those trails were STEEP! This is where clean eating being amazing comes in. Even though I have lost 30 pounds I still weigh 249 lbs and walking up a steep incline is hard!!! But I ate a kale, edamame, chicken salad before going so that powered me up. I never thought I would be a believer of that sort of thing but it is so true. CLEAN EATING is the best drug I have ever done!!!

I kept looking thinking it has got to stop inclining!!! Finally it leveled out and I start walking down. I thought it would loop around to the second trail I saw. NO it took me across the street where I am staying lol. SO I had to walk back up and look back down.

I am really proud of myself, I did not give up and go back when it just got steeper I kept going. That walk was 25 flights of stairs added to the earlier 17 flights woooot.

I came home and made an awesome veggie and fruit dinner. So good. AND I was feeling like I was so close to getting 15,000 steps I went for yet another walk lol. I did it! I hit 15,000 steps, 48 flights of stairs, 6.56 miles and 97 active minutes. To think 9 weeks ago I could barely walk down my hall at my apartments without hurting.


I think I have earned a soak in her giant jetted tub!!! Sweet dreams my friends, tomorrow is a new and wonderful day.

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