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from victim to victor

I have an addictive personality, and up until the last 10 weeks it did not work out well for me. As a kid I became addicted to drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, when I got off the drugs and alcohol I became addicted to drinking an 8 pack of Dr. Pepper a day, I switched that addiction to gallons of ice tea a day. If you have been following me you know my addiction to food was a way of coping with my sadness and pain. I quit cold turkey a 3 pack a day smoking habit 21 years ago but alas started eating more food as well. I have now become addicted to clean eating and walking, like super addicted to walking. OBSESSED with walking!! I never thought I would be THAT person.

The last week I have been staying at a friends house dog and cat sitting. I blogged about walking Mt. Tryon and Mt. Talbert on Saturday and how I did not make it to the top of Mt. Talbert. I decided I was going to conquer that mountain before I headed home. I am still proud of my stats for that day!


Sunday & Monday I walked at Happy Valley Park and the big parking lot at New Seasons, topped it off with a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Happy Valley Park is awesome it is this great area that has boardwalks built through the fields.


Tuesday I decided I was going to attempt get to the top of Mt. Talbert again. I made it 3/4 of the way and had to stop I got the WORST cramp in my calf and new I had to make my way back down. I was so bummed, I was so close. I went for another walk around the neighborhood after dinner. I still kicked butt that day.


Wednesday I was determined to conquer that mountain… and I did, I got to the top!!!! I broke out in tears, 10 weeks ago I could barely walk without pain and now in 3 tries I made it to the top of that mountain!!! NOW I was thinking it would an amazing view… not so much, there are lots of trees so instead I took a picture of the sky.

23top of talber

Thursday I went for a walk with a friend and her dog after work and ate Mexican food. I eat so clean this was scary to me but I did salad with black beans, chicken and Pico NO sour cream!!

Cha Cha Cha is a great place to eat for you Portland peeps, all locally sourced and hormone free.


As fun as it was to hang with the cute furbabies, and get all sorts of exercise in, I am happy to be home. I did get some prepping in using her awesome kitchen and my  new pot! Chili and all my fruits and veggies!!

12038354_1476403972664361_5413271563672772666_n (1)  chili

I have not gotten to weigh in over a week. Cannot wait to step on the scale tomorrow and see if I am finally off my plateau. Sunday is my weigh and measure day so will be interesting. Even if I did not lose weight or inches that is ok my NSV this week are beyond better than losing a pound or inch!!!

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