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plateau’s and conquering them

Today is my weigh/measure day. I was stuck for a week at 249.4, those pesky plateau’s that are the bane of dieters existence! I finally conquered that plateau, I also conquered another plateau, Powell Butte! After my week of pet/house sitting and conquering Mt. Talbert I needed to find a new project.

Enter Powell Butte and Glendover Golf Course. A short drive to both from my house. I tackled the trail at Glendover yesterday, it is 2.37 miles on a wonderful low impact wood chip path. Beautiful and peaceful with the occasional swack of a golf ball or FOUR being yelled out. I do worry I will get pinged in the head in one spot so have to be diligent!

Yesterday afternoon I went back to Powell Butte and walked to the other plateau in my life. It has occasional steep inclines (I took the horse trail since my shins like dirt better).

But even more than that I had a realization while writing this blog. I always heard that endorphin’s kick in when working out and help fight depression but what I really heard was “blahblahblahblahblah”. While I was cresting the top of Powell Butte I realized what they were talking about. My legs and lungs were saying hey enough but I pushed until I hit the top and when I walked around the plateau it came rushing in! A sense of happiness, and feeling peaceful and almost giddy with energy and joy. Sounds so silly but it really happened! So take that plateaus I took on both my weight and the butte plateaus and kicked their butts.

I love that I found 2 great places close to me that I can now walk during the days. Powell Butte has tons of trails to explore and Glendover trails are awesome when wanting to do more of a flat walk. Heck yesterday I did both so that could become my new norm on weekends.  The walk back down was so beautiful. There are so many trails up there, I look forward to eventually walking them all. Clean eating and Shakeo keep giving and giving me the gift of life!

45 46 245

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