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it’s hard to say goodbye

What an awesome day! I keep thinking life cannot get much better and then it does! I still find it so odd that eating healthy can be so life changing from feeling better, to being healthy to mentally just feeling happy and at peace. I wish I could bestow this on EVERY ONE I know!

I was lamenting that my favorite walking shoes have died. I bought them 1 week before I started this journey. Now they are #skechers and not walking shoes but seriously the most comfortable shoes. My friend was laughing at the fact that I have worn the bottoms to nothing and said I needed to see how many steps and miles I have actually logged on them in the 3 months since starting this. So I decided to check all my stats ……drum roll please… I have walked 870,956 steps, 1061 floors, 411.67 miles, 3775 active minutes and burned 206,793 calories since July 20th. These shoes have helped get me from a size 26 to an 18. Rest in peace my sweet friends, rest in peace.


I think Demi Lovato needs to step aside and recognize that I am the queen of ‪#‎skechers‬. I need to be spokeswoman or at the very least get a free pair!!! She said it would be funny to take a picture of them as well… the inside heel is so worn down I had to use 2 inserts and the bottom tread is gone! Tomorrow my sweet shoes who have walked this journey with me will go down the trash chute so I am not tempted to wear them again.

Why you ask was my day amazing…The morning sunrise was outstanding and these pictures do not do them justice. It amazes me the changes that happen in less than 5 minutes time. I got to get a walk in at lunch with my buddy. I walked the butte and walked 6.07 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes. Had breakfast for dinner WOOOOT. And went for a walk after dinner because I was so close to getting 20,000 steps I just had to go for it. Who knew that doing ‪#‎21dayfix‬, #beachbody and ‪#‎shakeology‬ on a lark would turn into such a life changing act.

fitbit omelet sunrise

2 thoughts on “it’s hard to say goodbye”

  1. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished! I started my journey on July 20th as well. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 100 days of lifestyle change. Congrats and keep it up!!


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