21 Day Fix, Clean_Eating

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Well poop got home after a great hike at Mt. Tabor to find a note that my rent is going up $125 a month =( the rent issue in Portland and surrounding areas is out of control. These new fancy high dollar apartments being built left and right are driving the prices up for us in the outer lying areas. On my walk the other night I saw an elderly lady who made a comment and we started talking. She lives in the apartments across from mine and was saying IF she signed a new lease hers was going up $275 a month if not then $375. That is utterly criminal, poor thing is on a fixed income. It is going to hurt me big time but not like the elderly or handicapped who are on very fixed incomes.

Part of the beauty of this new lifestyle is the old me would have ran to the store and bought a bunch of crappy food and stuffed my face as well as fume about the house. The new me is still not happy but I will figure out what I can cut back on and make it work. Instead of feeding my emotions I decided to go on another walk. I am not willing to go back down that poor pitiful me path. I am not going to let it take away the beauty of today’s walk. I am also not going to give up my #shakeology or stop paying for parking if I can avoid it at all. Parking is for most a luxury, for me it is the freedom to get to go on amazing hikes before it gets dark and I have to head home which is a ways from my work. The #shakeology give me so many nutrients and energy and somehow I am going to try to make it work to keep it.

Dinner was cauliflower, spinach, corn, peppers, onions, garlic, carrots and I had a turkey meatball and quinoa that I had frozen. So good! IMG_20131005_173342 (1)

And for my wonderful friends who worry about my safety it was day light I was just taking a picture into the sun using my cell phone thus the darkness but hey I think it made them even more wonderful! Also so far stairs are my enemy!!! As I was climbing up them I decided to count…. 100 steeeeeep steeeeep steps! I also had a wonderful conversation with a guy and his dog, he gave me some great hints on how to ease my shin splints! Passed a couple 4 times and we had a good laugh about that each time. Was a great day and I am not going to let the note on my door ruin it!

20151026_163503 20151026_165056 20151026_171920-1 20151026_172617 (1) 20151026_172629 20151026_172934 (1) 20151026_173024 20151026_173432 20151026_173507 20151026_174222 Screenshot_2015-10-26-19-58-17

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