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rain, rain, go away

Had to get one last walk in before the week or rain starts. I used to love the rain before I started getting healthy and hiking, now I want it to go away!!!

I went to Mt. Tabor again and decided since my calves here killing me from yesterdays stairs that I would take an easier trail to warm up. I had also decided I was going to the other stairs I had seen the day before. Now I know I said stairs were not my friend, but they are going to be my friend even if I have to force them to be!!! So I walked those beasts!! And there were a lot of them.

Finally made my way to the top and ended up chatting with a gal walking her dog. As we talked she told me about how she never wanted dogs but her husband had worked on her for 7 years and she finally relented. 12 weeks later he died unexpectedly, leaving her with a puppy she never wanted. She told me that sweet Lilly saved her life, that she got her through the darkest days of her life. I got goosebumps and tears listening to her talk about it, I said he gave you an amazing gift and she agreed. That was 5 years ago and they are inseparable now. We talked for close to 30 minutes and then went our separate ways. Such an amazing feeling talking to a stranger like we were old friends.

Below are pictures of each set of stairs!!! There are tons of them. Even though I did not get the amount of steps I usually do I kicked ass on floors!!! Going to forgo my nightly walk and take a hot soak instead. I think it is safe to say when your window fogs up as soon as you get in the car, you worked up a sweat!

20151027_164534 20151027_164956 20151027_165934 20151027_170012 20151027_170017 20151027_170056 20151027_170120 20151027_170136 20151027_170304 20151027_170418 20151027_170505-1 20151027_170745 20151027_170849  20151027_170900 20151027_173416-1 20151027_174525 20151027_175537

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