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Full Circle

This is where my hiking all began I tried 3 times to conquer Mount Talbert on the third time I succeeded. It was the first time I had climbed up Hill ever and it was hard. I got to the top and burst into tears because I had accomplished something I never thought imaginable.
There is no way I could have ever done this if it weren’t for Heather being ever so patient with me while I was trying to make up my mind whether to do this or not. The challenge groups and all the women in it, my friends and family, and all the people on the various clean eating site are what have helped may be successful. You cheer me on put up with my non stop posting and my constant talking about it.
2 months ago I could not walk half a mile without stopping from being winded and that’s giving me credit haha now I’m hiking 7 to 10 miles a day and I remember it took me over an hour to just climb up this mountain that day. Today I made it to the top only stopping a couple of times to look at the map and I made it in 20 minutes.
Again I’m standing on the spot where it all began where I took back my life and have become the happiest I’ve been in a really really long time. I decided to include a shot of the top of this mountain. I didn’t the first time and I didn’t take time to relax and soak in the glory of making it up here I just rushed back down One thing I’ve learned is to take time to let the wind blow on your face smell the breeze and just listen to the awesomeness around you.
Once again I am standing on the top of Mount Talbert with tears in my eyes. I want so badly for others to experience this amazing thing that I’m experiencing.
I signed up to be a coach but I’ve done nothing with it I finally got my first amazing woman who’s honored me with letting me be her coach. I’m so excited to help her in this journey. I’m not good at selling things for myself but if anyone is interested in getting their life back let me know I’m more than happy to be your coach. Shakeology , 21 day fix, and clean eating have literally saved my life.
Whew I did 1/2 the steps and miles of yesterday but the same amount of floors!!! Holy wow Talbert is an uphill beast. That last picture you know the one with the tree across the trail that baby force me to take a different trail. That trail took me to the bottom on the opposite side of the mountain by the way with a dead end forcing me to climb half way up the mountain again.
So I took a different trail with a series of switchbacks up and down around the mountain which eventually took me all the way back to the top of the summit for the second time today. It was just as awesome the second time around. I am dog , cat, house sitting for my buddy again. She is the one with the awesome soaking tub which is where I’m headed right now


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