Sometimes out of the blue….

Been kinda blueish this week, which kind of caught me off guard since I have been so happy. Monday was what would have been my beloved dads 85th birthday. I miss him, I miss his voice and his smell and his silly smile that you rarely saw.

I am missing my St. LunaTic, hard to believe that soon it will be a year since she left me. I lost both my beloved dogs 5 years apart almost to the day. I still miss Genny Any Dot…

Missing my kids, work is stressful, have not been able to do my daily hikes… I did not realize just how much I loved them, how much I crave walking up those hills. I have been walking after work and that helps but is not quite the same.

Today I commented to my friend that I was really kind of struggling this week feeling like I am just not satisfied, I have not had this feeling since starting this journey… Tonight it hit me why, I am stressed, stressed about work, my kids, my not getting my hikes in, sad that I am missing my dad and my pups… And Theresa from 3 months ago would have just ate mindlessly. Theresa now is mindful of not doing that. Again this whole clean eating has done so much more than just help me lose weight, my whole mindset it healthier now.

It was a good epiphany, I came home and walked 3 miles and then made a nice salad and then went back out and walked another 4.5 miles…thankfully the ominous skies did not rain on me! My mind was feeling better and then I got a text from my friend Jani… she had made me a Christmas gift and could not wait to show me until then. She posted the picture on my Facebook page and it brought me tears, happy beautiful tears… She painted a picture of my beloved Genny, Luna and I on a walk…

Not sure what I ever did to deserve the people that are in my life but I am eternally thankful for it. Hugs…

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