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Perceptions & Reality…what a slippery slope

I have really struggled this last week with my attitude and my perception vs my reality.

Due to the rain and it getting dark by the time I am off work I have not been able to continue my level of outdoor hiking and walking. I have gone from 10-15 miles a day to not even getting 10,000 steps in. All week I have been angry, depressed, whiny and sliding back into the pre-July Theresa. I gained 3 pounds even though I was eating the same and I was blaming it on my not being able to walk like I was.

My perception was I was doomed to slow my progress down and not get to walk outside. My reality is unless there are gale force winds and pouring buckets of rain I can walk outside, granted I may not always get the amount in I was but I can still get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. When I cannot walk outside I can go to the gym and the fact that I have only gained weight twice since starting this I am lucky! My friend & I decided to start using our breaks to walk in the mall, we do the same at lunch. That got me 5 miles in today! AND there will always be ups and downs both in life and the scale!

My rent was raised $185 a month, I have been so angry about it. My perception was how unfair this was. My reality after talking to the landlord is I am lucky. Everyone else had their rent raised $200 plus the $60 for parking and storage. Part of my $185 was the $60 so I am pretty lucky. I am also incredibly lucky that I can afford to live in a safe, clean and beautiful apartment. A place where although I need to be diligent and pay attention, it is relatively safe to walk around there at night. Will it be a struggle, yes, but life is full of struggles, how we choose to deal with it is up to us.

Work has been stressful, perception in general is the “be thankful you have a job” spiel is annoying. Reality is I am thankful I have a job and I should be thankful I have it. I could be unemployed. I work with incredibly talented, funny, amazing and wonderful people. 95% of the time I love my job and those I work with. So we may or may not get our bonus, yeah that sucks but many people do not get one (ok likely tomorrow I will be mad about this again lol).

There are days my perception of life is why cant it be simpler, why cant it be easier, why cant I have money like others do….why, why, why… Reality is many people who have money, who seemingly have everything they could hope to have are absolutely empty inside. Wondering if people like them for them or their money or fame. At least I know I am not liked for my vast wealth!


So my altered perception this week has been righted by reality, the reality I have amazing family and friends, both those I have met and those I have yet to meet. That although I worry I am over sharing and saturating people with my posts, I am being told daily that it is appreciated, that I have inspired them and that my friends, is more valuable than all the pounds, inches and money in the world.

OH and I walked 11.79 miles today…..yes…..all is right in my little world right now.

But the biggest shot of reality I received was… not one single second of the last week did I think of eating something bad… not once did I consider straying from my new way of clean eating. That is huge for me! The fact that not only is eating clean and exercising good for my physical well being but it has altered my emotional well being as well.

I did get a good laugh compliments of Tayler the dog I am watching… thank goodness the check she ate was not for $78 million dollars but rather .78 cents!



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