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Wind & Cold be Damned

Such a great two hour walk, man I love being out there walking. There were TONS of people today so I had to share with many =) But seeing all these families with their little kids showing them different things and the kids so enthralled was awesome. I learned a couple of things….do NOT forget your hat or gloves when it is 40 with 15 mph sustained winds and more often than not it is gusting 31 mph!!! Take kleenex for your nonstop dripping nose and take a snack. Will I remember this… not likely because I tell myself this every time! Thank goodness I always have my Shakeology in the morning I am telling you the energy I get from that is wonderful!

I took the last 3 trails I have been afraid to take because I did not think I could do them. They were so beautiful, every trail on the Butte looks different it is so awesome. AND I was able to do them all without stopping. Thankfully the trails are a bit more protected from the wind. I ended up getting 9 miles in WOOOOT! Have to do some housework and then will likely go out and walk around my place. I am so astounded at how my mood shifted from being so grumpy and slipping back into the negative at the beginning of the week (I am positive it was the slow in my exercising) to the happy smiling energetic me today!

Tayler goes home tonite, it will be a little lonely without her here but she sure misses her mom and dad. I also know I am not ready to get a dog again at least not in the foreseeable future. I get my fill from watching my friends dogs. Thanksgiving and a couple days after I get to dog sit a buddies sweet pup and then two weeks in December another friends 3 dogs and 2 cats. I for sure am getting my dog fill in!!

I am so thankful for amazing supportive understanding friends. I am thankful for Shakeology and the lessons I have learned from 21 Day Fix and clean eating. I am thankful for my coach and all the other coaches and women in the challenge groups I am in. I am dang thankful that I am no longer than “the glass is half full person” I am now that “my glass is overflowing but there is always room for more” person!! Ok I may have just rolled my own eyes at that lol.

I am also thankful that every time I go up to Powell Butte I see ONE (seriously just one) daisy…I miss my doodlebugbabybisonstinkblinkapoodlepie aka Kayla​ so much it hurts and daisies have always been one of her favorite flowers, I think it is God’s way of saying she is always with me. Being out in the trails where all I can hear is the wind in the trees reminds me of and makes me feel close to my sweet Levi as well. We used to go up to the hills several times a week and just listen and look for deer… it makes me feel a bit closer to him, I miss that sweet boy of mine so much. What I wouldn’t give to have a day, just the two of us, sitting in the hills just enjoying the beauty…

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