Down (ok up really) but not out!!

Today marks the end of my 6th 21 day course. I never thought I would be saying this but… I am kind of happy this happened, this is the first one where I did not lose weight or inches, in fact I gained 1/2 in and 1.2 lbs. My exercise level went down this week due to the weather and I had allowed myself to be derailed by it. I gained 4 pounds but upped my exercise again and was able to take 2.8 of those off.

This gain forced me to be realistic and find a way to make up for the days I cannot get outside. I have been so blessed to only have 2 weeks where I gained, this was the first time I was not able to lose overall. BUT that is what reality is, it is not realistic to think that every single week or end of the 21 day course will result in a loss. I have also learned that when you have as much to lose as I do, your skin shifts down so sometimes that adds to your inches lol. I still had to go through and get rid of clothes so that tape measure and scale do not tell the whole story.

I still ended up losing 5.3 lbs and 4.75 inches over the 21 days!!! So moral of my story is sometimes we need those gains to keep us in reality. It is how we handle them that matters. I am happy to say I have learned to not get to bent out of shape about the and it just makes me that much more determined to continue this lifestyle! All I have to do if I doubt is look at this gift that keeps on giving (thank you again Heather!!)…. or the progression picture

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